Image: Johanna Fond

Hi, I’m Helen.

Mentor, Creative Coach, Visionary, Yogini, Medicine Woman, Writer, Artist and forever Wild Child

Welcome to this space. I am happy that you have found your way here. Maybe there is something that you are searching for, a piece of the puzzle of you that is still missing or something inside of you that yearns to come out and blossom.

As a midwife of dreams I can assist you in birthing forth that which you long for deep within. That which is so close to the heart that you may not even want to say it out loud. This is a passion of mine and I can support you in numerous ways but creative exploration and playful inquiry is the backdrop to all of it. We when come back to seeing the world with an open mind and eyes of wonder everything changes and nothing seems impossible.


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I offer mentorship programs, 1:1 sessions and personalized videos so that you can practise whenever you want to. I also offer writing services, yoga trainings, workshops, pop-up classes and playful dance sessions (Creative Dance Play).

Images: Jannica Honey

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