Soft as water. Wild as fire. Free as the wind. Solid as earth

Image: Jannica Honey

Weaving community and guiding reconnection with ourselves, each other and all of nature through ceremony, movement, stillness, breath, meditation, prayer, art, music, dance, storytelling, ritual, beauty, creativity, play and so much more. Together we create SACRED SPACES for healing and reconnection. Linking everything together in love, in beauty and in connection with the Earth, our Mother. With RITUAL as ART – ART as RITUAL.

Healing Space – 1:1 sessions

In person and online.

This is for you who feel that you are in need of a safe space where you can feel supported, held, seen and heard. Sometimes these sessions are fairly active with breath, somatic movement, inquiry and more. At other times you may need complete rest and I will hold space for that and guide you into a deeply relaxed state where you can recharge and let go of tension and worry.

Healing instruments like singing bowls, drum and voice may be a part of the session. We will also explore together how to best manage states of overwhelm and how to self-soothe and calm down the nervous system. Welcome excactly as you are.

Drum Relaxation

Nature moves in cycles and so do we. Like now when autumn has arrived here in the northern hemispheres and that which blossomed in summer is laid to rest, in order to be born again in spring. We are part of nature and when we move along with her cycles it is easier to let go of what we no longer need in order to fully welcome in the new.

Come and let yourself be gently brought into deep relaxation by the vibrations from the drum. Like the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Like your heartbeat. This is a space where you can rest, relax, and feel held. We welcome in softness, ease, and the nourishing feminine energy that brings comfort and solace when autumn darkness falls.

Welcome to a moment in time with drum and voice. A moment that is for you.


Sunday 7 of February at 14-15.30, in Stockholm at Yogansa.

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Ceremonial sessions

Personalized Ceremonies & Rituals

Image: Jannica Honey

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