Be playful with life. Find your magic. Set yourself free.

Do you feel inspired and excited about the future. Do you to feel that there is hope. That you are a unique being with something special to share with the world, big or small doesn’t matter.

Have you grown enough courage to be able to show up exactly as you are, professionally and in relationships. Is there something inside of you that yearns to blossom, to spring forth.

Do you feel that you have more to give but can’t find out how to do it. Do you know in your bones that what you percieve to be flaws actually are what makes you utterly beautiful. Do you feel free, vibrant and ignited.

If not you are welcome to try a Creative Playshop Journey for free.

This is a gift to you.

Sign up for a 7 day creative exploration of yourself, body, mind and spirit, through moving, breathing, being, playing, inquiring, feeling, sensing, tasting, loving and letting your imagination run wild.

Setting yourself free and moving closer to the authentic you behind all masks, veils and programming. Regaining those eyes of wonder and the joyful innocence we are all born with.

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1:1 sessions

In person and online.

For you who may not be ready to sign up for a whole program or desire tailor-made support, inspiration and tools to help you on your way forward. With total focus on YOU, your needs, your longing and your specific challenges.

We meet this together and I can assist you in numerous ways but creative exploration and playful inquiry are the basic elements. When we come back to seeing the world with an open mind and eyes of wonder everything changes and nothing seems impossible.

Creative Playshop

Unleash your creativity.

What is stopping you from living life to the fullest, to the maximum, and sucking the marrow out of every blessed moment? Living with your eyes open marveling at all the magic that there is on this earth plane. Is it fear? Fear of rejection, of ridicule, or are you afraid that you would be laughed at if you shared yourself and your biggest hopes and dreams with the world? We cannot fix old problems with old tools, we need to shake things up, open up for new perspectives, and get out of the goddamned box!!! We need to move outside of what we already know into uncharted territory and that takes courage.

This is an invitation to tap into that courage and move beyond perceived boundaries of age, gender, abilities and whatever might be in the way for you to be authentically YOU. This world now is a completely new landscape and we have a possibility to change things for the better, but for that, we need innovation, creative ingenuity, co-creation, and a whole lot of trust.

In this workshop, we will unlock, unblock, and unleash that creativity inside of you that is just waiting to be expressed. We will do this through moving, breathing, being, playing, experimenting, creating, feeling, loving, relaxing, taking risks, breaking rules, and having fun. Getting inspired and excited about the future.

You are so welcome and I can almost guarantee that you will leave this workshop feeling more inspired, enlivened, and on fire than when you came.


Dates coming up.

FRI – album in collaboration with Zumaia Zu


A dynamic, playful and creative collaboration where Helen Larsson shares her energy and lends her voice and lyrics to Zumaia's music on this album released on Kalamine Records.The album can be downloaded on Bandcamp. Go listen!

Playful Revolution – the Big Gathering

Play heals. Play connects. Play is revolution.

This is a vision that we hold in our hearts that to one day gather people from all walks of life to play together. Yes, play together.

When we play together we meet as human beings, nothing more nothing less. Play brings out the innocent child in all of us and from there we can meet, heart to heart. This goes beyond perceived, and real, borders of language, age, gender, physical appearances, cultural orientations, social systems and everything.

If you want to participate in making this reality, please connect.

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