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Kids Yoga

Kid’s yoga differs from adult yoga, which is natural since children are not mini-adults. Imaginative play, joy and co-creation are basic elements. Showing children that yoga can be both enjoyable and fun and at the same time make them feel good physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Exploring movement, breath, stillness and meditation with open minds and giving space to children’s inherent curiosity and sense of wonder. It is a holistic practise and we want to give every child the opportunity to feel safe and to be able to express their unique essence.

What do we do?

Movement – breath – relaxation – meditation.

With playful movement, fun breathwork, simple meditation and calming relaxation the children are introduced to the wondrous world of yoga. We move, breathe, play, sing, relax, interact and explore together.


Wednesdays at 16.30-17.30 (10-12 years) at Yogarummet Björkhagen, Halmstadsvägen  41.

Why is yoga good for children?

Yoga helps children release tension and stress. It offers tools for them to manage strong emotions and to self-regulate. It also helps develop body awareness, coordination and balance. The focus is on cooperation and the fact that there are no competitive elements helps boost self-esteem and expand self awareness and awareness of others.

Image: Johanna Fond

Kids Yoga Teacher

Basic training

Welcome to what probably is one of the most playful, inspiring and innovative trainings there is when it comes to Kid’s Yoga. You will get a solid foundation in yoga plus a possibility to immerse yourself in how children’s natural curiosity and imagination can be sparked and cultivated.

Perhaps you work in a school or a preschool.
Perhaps you have children of your own or grandchildren.
Perhaps you are a yoga teacher for adults or you just want to learn more about how to introduce children to the wondrous world of yoga in a fun and playful way.

Then this training is for you.

The best way for kids to learn is while playing, moving, singing, creating and using their imagination so we integrate all that in the yoga. And the same goes for adults so you will get to experience that in the training. Communication and values are also important parts of the course. How can we communicate with children in a respectful and compassionate way. In a way that harmonizes with the notion of ahimsa, non-violence.

After having completed the full hours of the training you will have enough knowledge to start sharing yoga with children, at home, school or preschool, in a yoga studio or some other place.

What we will explore

  • yogaplay, yogastories and games
  • how to introduce breathwork and meditation in easy and accessible ways
  • ways of guiding relaxation
  • how we can use massage as a way to induce calm and create connection
  • how to combine yoga, art and use our own creativity
  • communication – how do we approach and communicate with children in a yoga setting
  • children’s development and anatomy
  • methodology and pedagogy

Next training:

Email us for more information and to book.

What you will get

  • a comprehensive course manual
  • a diploma after having completed the training and the required practicum
  • tutorial during the training and the practicum

Total duration of the course is 26 hours (24 contact hours and 2 hours of practicum)

Image: Marie Åhfeldt
Image: Johanna Fond

Teen Yoga

Teenagers has a lot to gain from yoga and they are usually very appreciative of the practise. Their lives are often filled with stress, pressures and insecurities. Yoga can offer a space and a place where they can relax and be themselves. It is a great way to learn stress management and how to self-soothe and self-regulate. It is also, as we already know, beneficial for physical as well as mental and emotional health and wellbeing. The focus in our teen classes is on joy, ease, playfulness and community. Each session is ended with a nourishing relaxation which oftentimes becomes the favourite part.


Tuesdays at 17-18 for (12-16 years) at Yogashakti, Högbergsgatan 30 A, Stockholm.

Teen Yoga

Basic Training

As we all know young people of today experience a lot of stress and pressure in their lives and yoga can be a useful tool for them in managing that. This is a course for you who want to share yoga with teenagers and who either already are a yoga teacher or have at a minimum 3 years of regular yoga practise.

What we will explore

  • asana, partner yoga, flows and free movement
  • breath
  • relaxation
  • mindfulness and meditation
  • yoga as a tool for managing stress
  • the chakra system for teenagers
  • philosophy
  • yoga beyond the mat
  • inner and outer leadership
  • pedagogy and methodology

Next training:

Due to present circumstances this training is only offered as a privat course or in small groups, mainly online but also in Stockholm.

Email us for more information if you are interested.

What you will get

  • a comprehensive course manual
  • a diploma after having completed the training and the required practicum
  • tutorial during the training and the practicum

Total duration of the course is 20 hours (16 contact hours and 4 hours of practicum)

Family Yoga

You do know that playing is good for everyone, adults too, right? It is a tool for healing, for creating connection and it is one of the best relievers of stress. A Family Yoga session is a lovely time for kids as well as adults filled with yoga, meditation, rest and a whole lot of play. Everybody is welcome and our focus is on having fun while moving, playing, breathing, relaxing and exploring together. You are welcome exactly as you are together with someone who is family for you, child, sister, grandfather, neighbour or friend. We will let our imaginations run wild and invoke creativity and light ourselves up together


Live online: next date Sunday 28 of February.


Images: Johanna Fond

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