Wholeness. Freedom. Love.

”I am a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.”

– Maya Angelou

Image: Bibbie Friman

This is an invitation for you to feel free to be yourself and to know that you are loved and valued exactly as you are. This is a safe space where you can explore what you need in order to gather courage to step into the world as YOU, authentically, beautifully and wholly YOU.  Here you will find support on your journey, wherever that journey wants to take you.

Sometimes when we speak about empowerment it can almost feel like a burden or something that we need to achieve or strive for. That you must be or become this strong, empowered and successful woman. There is nothing wrong with that, but in order to feel truly free we need to give space for all that we are, the vulnerable, shameful and scared parts too. The little you, the one inside who only wants to be seen, heard and held with love and tenderness.

This is an invitation to let go of the struggle and to settle back into yourself. To find home within YOU.

Of course we are inspired by the passionate and strong poem by Maya Angelou, Phenomenal Woman, celebrating the inner beauty in every woman beyond stereotypes and conventions.

We believe that empowerment comes from feeling comfortable in your own skin. Allowing yourself to be your own unique self unapologetically. Owning both your wildness, your softness and your everything.

So what is it that your heart whispers to you? What is it that you long for, deep within? What is it that you love more than anything?

Image: Jannica Honey

To live this life in a woman’s body has both its gifts and its challenges. How can we tap into our innate strength and grow the courage to be ourselves fully which is what this world longs for deep down. That we birth ourselves to ourselves and share that with others. Finding our unique flavour and path.

When we do that something inside of us awakens, a joy, a sense of freedom, a feeling of being at the right place at the right time and a sense of meaning and purposefulness.

Perhaps you feel a longing, something stirring inside of you. Perhaps you feel restless or stuck. Perhaps you have tried a lot of things and still feel that something is yet to be discovered, some piece of the puzzle is still missing. Perhaps you have this dream or project that you are longing to bring forth, but you are hesitating and don’t quite know where to start.

That’s what I am here for. I am here for YOU, all of YOU. To support and challenge you to grow and flourish in any and every aspect of life.

1:1 sessions

In person and online.

For you who may not be ready to sign up for a whole program or desire tailor-made support, inspiration and tools to help you on your way forward. With total focus on YOU, your needs, your longing and your specific challenges. As a midwife of dreams I can assist you in birthing forth that which you long for deep within.

That which is so close to the heart that you may not even want to say it out loud. We meet this together and I can assist you in numerous ways but creative exploration and playful inquiry are the basic elements. When we come back to seeing the world with an open mind and eyes of wonder everything changes and nothing seems impossible.

Fill up with joy and pleasure

Mini-retreat for women.

When autumn comes it may feel dark and heavy, therefore we want to invite you to a mini-retreat where you will get the possibility to rest, recuperate, and regain strength and energy. The focus during this retreat will be on joy, ease, and pleasurable movements. We will breathe, move, meditate, and relax with the intention of strengthening the contact and the flow between two of the most important places in a woman’s body, the womb and the heart. They are symbolized by the second chakra, Svadhisthana, which when in balance is characterized by a zest for life, abundant creativity, fertility, and flow, and the fourth chakra, Anahata, the heart center, where compassion, love, forgiveness, and expansion abounds.

The second chakra relates to the element of water och is characterized by flow, dynamic movement, energy, and joy. It represents our sexuality and also deals with relationships and emotions. We are all, in one way or the other, creative beings and when the second chakra is balanced we can experience flow, creative inspiration, and delight. We feel free to be who we are. The second chakra is also associated with spontaneity, imagination, pleasure, and lust for life. You are allowed to take pleasure in your movements and your yoga.

The fourth chakra, the heart center, relates to the element of air and is connected to our ability to give and receive love. It’s easy to get stuck in the head and lose contact with the heart. We protect our hearts by rounding our shoulders. When we open up the heart and find a more easeful posture it may feel vulnerable because inside of the heart is our deepest truth. The inner voice that sometimes whispers sometimes is silent and sometimes screams for us to listen. We all have periods in our lives when we cannot hear or lack the energy to listen to that voice, even though we know that it has something important to tell us.

Yoga and other healing modalities can help us to slowly start listening to the voice of the heart and to start making choices in our lives that are in line with our innermost longings and needs. In the heart, there is an abundance of kindness, forgiveness, compassion, and love. When we are in our hearts we look upon ourselves and other people with acceptance and unconditional love.

We will end this retreat with a long, sweet, and deeply nourishing relaxation to the sounds of singing bowls, gong, and drum.

You are so welcome!


Saturday 21 of November, Yogarummet Björkhagen, Halmstadsvägen 41, Stockholm, time to be announced.

Sister Circles

More info coming up.

What is a Sister?

Someone you like very much. Someone who feels like family. Someone  you feel close to. Someone you can trust and be yourself with. Or maybe another person you haven’t gotten to know yet.

Why Sister Circle?

Something happens when women come together. A sort of recognition and a sense of being allowed to relax and feel safe. A possibility to share experiences and nurture one another.

What do we do?

We will meet, move and relax. Share experiences with each other. Perhaps find a new friend. Sometimes there is a theme for the gathering. We may drink tea and talk, or sit together in silence. Usually we end the circle with a lovely relaxation to the sound of singing bowls and other healing instruments.

We need to meet to heal. We need to meet to understand that we are not alone. We need to meet so that we together can create change in the world.

Come as you are and we will take it from there.

Rewilding Sessions & A Day of Rewilding

More info coming up.

Getting in touch with the inner wild animal, the predator. As a woman that is revolutionary. To completely change perspective. To go from being the hunted to being the huntress. To take the power back and finally allow yourself to take your place in this world as YOU.

This is an art project and a continuous exploration of what it means to be a woman in this world beyond stereotypes, conventions and social norms. A journey of rediscovering and reconnecting with the wild and free creature within. The one who follows her own heart, honors her cyclical nature and expresses herself freely. There are Rewilding Sessions coming up in the near future , both in group and 1:1.

I will share with you an experience I had recently on this theme:

It was on a full moon eve and I was out walking. Nearby where I live there is a beautiful forest. Suddenly I felt this urge to step right into the forest, into the darkness and I did. I went in and stopped beside a big pine tree, silently watching and listening to all the sounds around me. I used to be afraid of the darkness but now I felt completely safe and something inside of me shifted.

I moved further in and felt something stirring, something inside of me awaken. The blackbirds were singing and I felt like a wild animal too. I wasn’t human anymore. I was part of the forest. I had merged with nature.

I kept walking and from a distance I could see a man come wandering on the footpath outside of the forest. The path was illuminated and I could see the man clearly, but he couldn’t see me from where I was standing, in the darkness, watching him.

I knew that if he would catch a glimpse of me, see my eyes, he would be afraid. He wouldn’t see a person, but a wild creature. A woman in a wolf’s clothing.

That shift of perspective was like nothing I have ever experienced before. Living in this world in a woman’s body is a constant reminder of that you are supposed to be afraid, to not move around in dark places, to beware, to take care, to watch yourself and more and more and more. So, standing there watching that man on the path knowing that he would be afraid if he saw me was empowering. Because, what kind of woman walks around in the dark forest all on her own?

This and more is what we will explore in our group sessions together. Taking the power back and allowing ourselves to be ourselves with all the nuances and the colours and the fragrances. Letting go of old limiting beliefs and ideas on what is possible for us. This is my passion and I will do my best to serve your particular needs.

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